How to Make Your Presentation Interactive: 7 Tactics

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Ways to Make a Presentation Interactive If you’re giving a speech or presentation, you want your ideas to make an impact on your audience. But it’s pretty hard to figure out if you are actually making that impact. Audiences usually don’t give us much live feedback. It’s up to us as communicators to create a … Read more

How to Moderate a Panel Discussion: 10 Tips for Success

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Speaking in a panel discussion is challenging even for advanced presenters. Moderating a panel discussion is significantly more challenging, and requires a much greater amount of work, foresight and preparation. Effective moderation is a skill that can be learned and improved. But above all, remember the critical importance of preparation and clear and frequent communication … Read more

Enthusiasm When Presenting “Boring” Information: 3 Simple Tactics

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What Does it Mean to be Enthusiastic When Public Speaking? Enthusiasm demonstrates your passion and excitement for the content that you’re presenting. Enthusiasm shows that you believe in your content. You have conviction in what you are saying. Enthusiastic and passionate presenters are more impactful and more persuasive. But there’s a challenge: genuine enthusiasm is … Read more

Making an Effective Call to Action for Your Presentation

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What is a Call to Action in a Presentation? The call to action or CTA is what you want your audience to do. The call to action typically comes at the end of your presentation. In copywriting, calls to action typically have some very strong action words or verbs. Your call to action should be … Read more

10 Tips to Reduce Stage Fright Right Before Your Presentation (video)

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During this livestream we explored 10 tips to get a handle on stage fright and nervousness before public speaking or presentations. I also answered some questions from the attendees on rehearsal, mistakes during public speaking, and more. Here are 10 major tips to manage stage fright and reduce nervousness right before your presentation or speech: … Read more

Why Your Zoom Meetings are Boring and Tedious (and How to Fix Them)

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Making zoom meetings engaging is a skill that can be learned. Unfortunately, many people don’t have that skill, leading to lots of boring and awkward remote meetings. Here are some reasons why they can be boring, and what to do about it. Problem: No Fun, Just Awkward Sitting at home in front of your computer … Read more

Microphone Tips for Public Speaking

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It’s not natural to speak into a microphone. So using it properly will take some practice. Keep these tips in mind. It may seem inconvenient to remember all these things, but remember that your microphone is your voice. Poor use of the microphone means your voice will get lost, or the audience will have a … Read more

How to Rehearse a Big Speech: 5 Best Practices

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If you have a big speech coming up, it’s incumbent on you to rehearse and rehearse well. Whether it’s a keynote at a major conference, a critical presentation to your board of directors, or a major speech to the public, the stakes are high and you need to get it right. These are five best … Read more

Camera Shyness & Video Conferencing: Get More Comfortable on Camera

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With more people working from home, people are being asked to participate in video calls and video conferences over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and other apps. While video conferencing can be great for productivity and team collaboration, many people are uncomfortable on camera and have camera shyness. So they avoid putting themselves on … Read more