You Are Who You Surround Yourself With: 6 Tactics to Build Your Network

you are who you surround yourself with

“You Are Who You Surround Yourself With” “Your network is your net worth.” “It’s not what you know it’s who you know.” “You are the average of the five people closest to you.” These classic expressions convey an important fact of professional life: relationships matter. Human beings are social creatures. We hire, work for, buy … Read more

Executive Presence: 3 Keys to Communicate Leadership Qualities

executive presence

What is Executive Presence? Your “presence” is composed of 3 major factors: Nonverbals: your body language, physical movement and aesthetic appearance Verbals: Your words and delivery when speaking Social Interaction: how you interact with others When that presence makes people see you as a leader, we can call it executive presence. Let’s break down each … Read more

How to Think on Your Feet in Meetings and Presentations: 3 Mental Hacks

how to think on your feet

How to Think on Your Feet: Strategies We’ve explored impromptu speaking skills and how to respond to unexpected comments or questions. Key tactics include: keeping your comments concise, listening closely to the conversation and to others’ comments, developing a strong worldview, and other strategies. Now let’s look at how to develop a mindset that enables … Read more

Professional Presence: The Role of Culture and Context

professional presence and culture

What is Professional Presence? A person has professional presence if they conduct themselves in a confident and professional way. Being “professional” typically means keeping your conversations focused on work, and avoiding personal or potentially sensitive matters. However, professionalism also can mean many different things depending on your work environment and office culture. Some offices are … Read more

How to Make a Presentation Interactive: 7 Tactics

presentation - concise speaking

How to Make a Presentation Interactive If you’re giving a speech or presentation, you want your ideas to make an impact on your audience. But it’s pretty hard to figure out if you are actually making that impact. Audiences usually don’t give us much live feedback. What happens if you don’t make a presentation interactive? … Read more

How to Moderate a Panel Discussion: 10 Tips for Success

panel discussion

Learn How to Moderate a Panel Speaking in a panel discussion is challenging even for advanced presenters. Moderating a panel discussion is significantly more challenging, and requires a much greater amount of work, foresight and preparation. Effective moderation is a skill that can be learned and improved. But above all, remember the critical importance of … Read more

Enthusiasm When Presenting “Boring” Information: 3 Simple Tactics

presentation and communication coaching

What Does it Mean to be Enthusiastic When Public Speaking? Enthusiasm demonstrates your passion and excitement for the content that you’re presenting. Enthusiasm shows that you believe in your content. You have conviction in what you are saying. Enthusiastic and passionate presenters are more impactful and more persuasive. But there’s a challenge: genuine enthusiasm is … Read more

Making an Effective Call to Action for Your Presentation

What is a Call to Action in a Presentation? The call to action or CTA is what you want your audience to do. The call to action typically comes at the end of your presentation. In copywriting, calls to action typically have some very strong action words or verbs. Your call to action should be … Read more

The Difference Between In-Person vs Zoom Meetings

zoom meetings

Zoom Meetings Have Unique Challenges On a recent live webinar, we got a question from an attendee: Is there anything we need to do more or less of for video conversations compared to in-person conversations? A lot of the principles of influence and audience connection are universal. These are things like: Identifying major themes that … Read more

6 Ways to Improve Your Social Intuition

social intuition

How Can You Increase Your Social Intuition? First and foremost, remember that social intuition is something that can only be developed organically. Reading is not enough. You can’t watch videos about it and magically become more socially intuitive. You have to actually get out there into the world, interact with people, try things, succeed, and … Read more