10 Tips to Reduce Stage Fright Right Before Your Presentation (video)

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10 Tips to Manage Stage Fright Right Before Your Presentation (Webinar Livestream 9/24/20)

During this livestream we explored 10 tips to get a handle on stage fright and nervousness before public speaking or presentations.

I also answered some questions from the attendees on rehearsal, mistakes during public speaking, and more.

Here are 10 major tips to manage stage fright and reduce nervousness right before your presentation or speech:

1:52 – Tip #1 Breathe
3:32 – Tip #2 Relax your muscles
4:08 – Tip #3 Socialize with your audience
6:20 – Tip #4 Check technical and logistical issues
9:25 – Tip #5 Explore the venue
10:12 – Tip #6 Do something fun to feel great
11:10 – Tip #7 Exercise
12:00 – Tip #8 Caffeine or no caffeine?
12:50 – Tip #9 Sip some water to avoid dry mouth
13:30 – Tip #10 Physical movement to “push” through the fog of hesitation 16:01 – How much time should we put aside for breathing before the presentation?
17:16 – How much time should we dedicate to rehearsing a presentation?
21:28 – Handling unforeseen technical problems during your speech
22:53 – Should you have a drink before your speech?
23:38 – Handling nerves in front of big crowds vs small crowds
25:20 – Biggest mistake in public speaking
27:37 – Comparing yourself to big famous speakers

Justin Aquino