Assertiveness: Creating and Maintaining Boundaries at Work (30 Minute Webinar)

Setting boundaries is a critical part of becoming more assertive at work. When clients come to us with assertiveness challenges, failure to communicate or maintain boundaries is often a major factor. How do you set healthy boundaries and communicate them to peers or bosses? How should you respond if others start encroaching on those standards … Read more

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training is ideal for professionals who want to become more influential and confident in the workplace You might want to speak up more in meetings, better handle interruptions or challenges, or convey confidence and leadership potential. Assertiveness training can help you achieve these and many other professional goals. Becoming more assertive takes time and … Read more

Remote Meeting Facilitation: 3 Tips for Assertiveness and Management


In this video I cover 3 simple ways you can convey more assertiveness and leadership during remote meeting facilitation. Right now countless people are running meetings remotely over video conferencing like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or other apps. How can you project competence, keep your meeting organized and focused, and avoid unnecessary interruptions or disruptions? … Read more

Why Assertiveness is a Challenge for So Many Professionals

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Assertiveness doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us. It can often bring about an uncomfortable feeling that we’re rocking the boat or disrupting the status quo. So many of us are inclined to try to “fit in”, whether that’s within our families, with colleagues or friends. Nevertheless, assertiveness is an important skill to master … Read more

Concise Communication Training Program


The Concise Communication Training Program is an intensive, 30-day live online course to help you become a concise and effective speaker NEXT PROGRAM DATES:TBA JOIN OUR LIST TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN THE NEXT PROGRAM IS ANNOUNCED Subscribe * indicates required Name Email * Region Texas New York Washington DC Boston Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco … Read more

How to Think on Your Feet in Meetings and Presentations: 3 Mental Hacks

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How to Think on Your Feet: Strategies We’ve explored impromptu speaking skills and how to respond to unexpected comments or questions. Key tactics include: keeping your comments concise, listening closely to the conversation and to others’ comments, developing a strong worldview, and other strategies. Now let’s look at how to develop a mindset that enables … Read more

Professional Presence: The Role of Culture and Context

professional presence and culture

What is Professional Presence? A person has professional presence if they conduct themselves in a confident and professional way. Being “professional” typically means keeping your conversations focused on work, and avoiding personal or potentially sensitive matters. However, professionalism also can mean many different things depending on your work environment and office culture. Some offices are … Read more

Get Assertive in Fast-Moving Conversations: 8 Strategies


You’re in a conversation with multiple colleagues or clients. You want to speak up, get assertive, and get your perspective heard. But the conversation is being dominated by a few loud and confident voices (usually those with the highest status in the group). And there’s a lot of quick comments being exchanged from multiple people. … Read more

3 Key Ways to Gain Respect as a New Leader or Manager

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Gaining respect as a new leader or manager is critical to your success. You’ve got to lead people who are new to you or those you were once on a team with, and earn their respect so they’ll follow you. If you’re younger than some on your team, you’ve got an even bigger barrier to … Read more