Passion and Enthusiasm: The EASIEST Way to Become More Charismatic

One of the key qualities of dry, boring communicators: no passion! When someone seems to lack passion and excitement for their topic, we get bored very quickly. Why should we be interested in the topic if they aren’t? With more passion in your communication, you are more convincing, more engaging, and just more fun. Some simple questions to … Read more

Concision: Tell Them What They Need to Know and Nothing More

Have you ever found yourself being a blabbermouth? You just talk and talk, going off on tangents and unrelated anecdotes. You try to convey an idea, describe a product, or make an argument, but you end up getting lost in a word salad of your own making. And you can tell your counterpart is bored … Read more

Why You Need to Be Reframing Your Message and Communication

Reframing happens when you create a new context, or a new “frame” for a discussion. It’s one of the most powerful and effective ways of communicating. Reframing is especially critical when you are trying to compete for attention or acceptance. By reframing the entire conversation, or the way your counterpart thinks about the issue, you shift … Read more

Persuasion Skills: How to Use Charm to Become Irresistible

In 1874, Benjamin Disraeli became UK Prime Minister. Each new leader had to meet with the Queen, who at that time was Victoria. In “The Art of Seduction” Robert Greene tells the story of their first meeting: Two more unlikely associates could not be imagined: Disraeli, who was Jewish by birth, had dark skin and exotic features by English standards; … Read more

What To Do With Your Hands When Speaking

This is one of the classic challenges that people have with public speaking, or speaking in general: what do you do with your hands? Your hands are a powerful communication tool if you can use them correctly. They help to highlight and emphasize your ideas. Everyone who is trying to communicate with impact needs to use … Read more

How to Project Your Voice: 4 Exercises I Used to Get Louder

Learn How to Project Your Voice See if this sounds familiar: You go out on a Friday night to bars and clubs, shout at the top of your lungs so your friends can hear you over the loud music, and then later when walking on the quiet street… you’re still shouting! Your body got accustomed to … Read more

Simple Charisma: 3 Ways to Break up the Monotony

We’ve all seen or heard monotone speakers. They are so boring that half the audience is put to sleep by their presentation. Avoid that trap and increase your charisma by becoming multi-tone instead of monotone. Here’s how you can get started: 1. In each sentence, pronounce at least one word in a different tone than the … Read more