Simple Charisma: 3 Ways to Break up the Monotony

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We’ve all seen or heard monotone speakers. They are so boring that half the audience is put to sleep by their presentation. Avoid that trap and increase your charisma by becoming multi-tone instead of monotone.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. In each sentence, pronounce at least one word in a different tone than the rest of the sentence.

For example:

“Our sales are improving significantly this year to the tune of a 20% increase.”

Placing extra emphasis on the percentage figure adds extra energy to the sentence and mixes up the way it sounds. This holds the audience’s attention more than if you pronounced every word in the same tone.


“Our sales are improving significantly this year to the tune of a 20% increase.”

Same sentence, but emphasizing a different word this time. It has the same effect as the first, simply because of the extra emphasis added to one of the words

2. Add hand gestures when you speak.

Moving as you speak increases your overall energy level and charisma. It also automatically makes you more likely to emphasize words.

The less you move and the more restrained you are overall, the less attention grabbing you are. And this restraint bleeds over into your voice tonality and pronunciation as well.

So move around, increase your energy and allow your voice to naturally move up and down to match your gestures.

3. Review your most exciting points in advance.

This is especially good for a speech or presentation. Before you begin speaking, go over the main themes and topics that excite you the most, or that you are the most passionate about.

When you get to that point in the presentation, channel that passion and enthusiasm for greater effect.

By injecting your personal excitement for this topic and allowing that to come out as you speak, you will automatically become more charismatic and less monotone.

We are fascinated by enthusiastic and passionate speakers. Much of charisma comes from genuine passion.

Speakers who don’t seem to give a damn about their chosen topic are uninspired and uninspiring.

So tap into your passion and get excited in front of your audience.

Justin Aquino