6 Ways to Improve Your Social Intuition

social intuition

How Can You Increase Your Social Intuition? First and foremost, remember that social intuition is something that can only be developed organically. Reading is not enough. You can’t watch videos about it and magically become more socially intuitive. You have to actually get out there into the world, interact with people, try things, succeed, and … Read more

Dealing with Difficult Coworkers

dealing with difficult coworkers

Dealing with difficult coworkers is a fact of life at work. Your ability to deal with difficult coworkers and still get work done will make a big difference in your success. And it will be a key determinant of your sanity. Tips for Dealing with Difficult Coworkers These lessons are based on my own experience … Read more

3 Key Ways to Gain Respect as a New Leader or Manager

public speaking and presentation skills

Gaining respect as a new leader or manager is critical to your success. You’ve got to lead people who are new to you or those you were once on a team with, and earn their respect so they’ll follow you. If you’re younger than some on your team, you’ve got an even bigger barrier to … Read more

How to Be Assertive at Work: 5 Simple Strategies

how to be assertive at work

Many clients and students come to us with a common challenge: “I need to learn how to be assertive at work.” You might need to get more assertive to get your ideas heard, command more respect, or get team members to follow through on your guidance more consistently. Here are five simple strategies on how … Read more

4 Ways to Make Your Call to Action More Appealing

improve your presentation's call to action

The “call to action” is a classic tactic in marketing, sales, advertising and other fields. In public speaking and presentations, we are encouraged to provide a call to action to our audience. It’s something that focuses the audience on a specific task, and helps them understand how to put your ideas and recommendations into practice. … Read more

3 Practical Ways to Gain More Social Presence

Social Presence seems like an elusive concept. We can definitely recognize it when others have it, but it’s tough to replicate. These are practical steps you can take to build your social presence immediately. 1. Say things that are slightly risky Key word being slightly. You want to push the envelope a little bit without … Read more

What a Natural Alpha Really Looks Like

(Listen or read the post below) The alpha is the big dog. The boss. The leader. The concept of the “alpha” was derived from observations of wolf packs in captivity in the mid 20th century. Since then, the alpha idea was applied in the spheres of personal development, business, leadership, dating advice (for men) and … Read more

Persuasion Skills: Can You Be Convincing if You Aren’t Convinced?

(Listen to the audio or read below) You can’t sell something if you aren’t completely sold on it yourself. Or can you? What if it’s your job to persuasively communicate something, regardless of your personal feelings? We might see this with sales development reps (SDRs), account executives, management consultants, or marketing professionals. We can also … Read more