Steve Jobs in 1980 – Conversational Style in Public Speaking (video)

Steve Jobs’ Public Speaking Style Steve Jobs’ superior skill with presenting and public speaking was a key factor in his success. There were many bright and talented people in the computer field in the 1970s and 80s. But few had the presence, confidence and verbal ability of Steve Jobs. In this video, just 4 years after … Read more

They Don’t Need Your Data, They Need You

There are three main skill levels in public speaking, identified by our inner dialogue: At the beginner level, we think “how do I look?” This is the most basic mindset, where we are most concerned with how we look to the audience and whether they are judging us or accepting us. Most people don’t get past this … Read more

Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety by Accepting it

Have you ever felt your heart beating faster right before giving a speech or presentation? It’s common, especially when there is a lot of anticipation and buildup. For example, when you are scheduled to speak at 10:15 AM and there is a roster of speakers before you at 9:30, 9:45, 10:00… This buildup is what kills us. … Read more

How to Tell When a Presenter Doesn’t Care About the Audience (video)

This hilarious video demonstrates almost every bad quality a presenter can have: Undergraduate Students Unwittingly Subjected to World's Worst Research PresentationWatch this video on YouTube Her presentation is disorganized, rushed and confusing. She skips through the whole thing without really saying much. She relies on the slides instead of using them as a supplement to her … Read more

Startup Pitches and Presentations: 3 Minutes to Make an Impact on the Crowd

I went to Tech Day today here in NYC, a huge convention for startups and tech companies big and small. In one corner of the venue they had companies giving brief presentations to the crowd. I was interested to see each speaker’s overall presentation skills (including body language, verbals, and their slides), as well as their impact on … Read more

This is The Simplest Way to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common challenges we see with clients and students. The lack of preparation is one of the biggest reasons why we struggle or fail in our presentations. It’s a relatively simple problem to fix. Just take 10 or 30 minutes to practice at some point before actually … Read more

What You Can Learn from Barack Obama on Public Speaking

Public Speaking Techniques Demonstrated by Barack Obama (Before He Was President) Here is Barack Obama’s big speech from the 2004 Democratic Convention that put him on the map: Notice his relaxed body movement and purposeful hand gestures throughout. There are several key strategies that Obama uses for maximum impact on the audience. Strategic Monotone and Vocal Range … Read more

Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama – Public Speaking Clinic (video)

Melania vs Michelle Speech Analysis The big news story from today is that Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican Convention partly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s address from 2008. Melania Trump and Michelle Obama side-by-side comparisonWatch this video on YouTube Looking at the speeches side-by-side gives us an interesting look at the women’s different speaking styles. And we … Read more

Simple Charisma: 3 Ways to Break up the Monotony

We’ve all seen or heard monotone speakers. They are so boring that half the audience is put to sleep by their presentation. Avoid that trap and increase your charisma by becoming multi-tone instead of monotone. Here’s how you can get started: 1. In each sentence, pronounce at least one word in a different tone than the … Read more