Presenting Creativity – Presentation Skills for Creatives

Presentation skills creative professionals Creatives often have to present their work to clients, senior decision-makers, or the general public. These are tactics that can apply to UX Designers presenting to non-design teams, Filmmakers and Visual Artists seeking funding, and others that have to speak with impact and influence a non-creative audience. Edited Transcript of the … Read more

How to Practice a Speech: Preparation and Rehearsal for a Presentation

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How to Practice a Speech: Key Strategies Practice and rehearsal is essential for giving a great presentation. But occasionally clients or students ask me exactly how much they should practice. Of course the correct answer varies for each person. But the short answer is that you should rehearse until you know the entire presentation by … Read more

Speaking Slowly Will Transform Your Communication

One of the most frequent changes I make with my clients is to force them to slow down when they speak. Speaking slowly, a seemingly simple adjustment, almost always creates a huge change in how they sound. But they sometimes ask: “If I slow down, will I be able to say everything I need to?” … Read more

3 Practical Ways to Gain More Social Presence

3 Practical Ways to Gain More Social PresenceWatch this video on YouTube Social Presence seems like an elusive concept. We can definitely recognize it when others have it, but it’s tough to replicate. These are practical steps you can take to build your social presence immediately. 1. Say things that are slightly risky Key word … Read more

4 Ways to Be Better Understood By Your Audience

It’s frustrating when you are speaking to a group of people and they just don’t seem to be grasping what you’re saying. You might feel at a loss. You thought you were communicating in a good way, but apparently not. Here a few ideas to make it easier for an audience to understand you. 1. … Read more

How to Start a Presentation: Learn from Some of the Biggest Speakers

Three Examples of How to Start a Presentation This past weekend I attended the Synergy Global Forum in New York. Some of the biggest names in business and entrepreneurship presented. It was a public speaking coach‘s dream. Specifically I was interested in how everyone opened their presentations. So I took videos of each speaker right … Read more

How and Why to Become More Concise When Speaking

Concise Speaking in Professional Communication Concise communication is a frequent challenge we see with clients and students. Concision is hard because professionals have lots of information to convey in a very limited time. Important decision-makers are usually very short on time, and have a limited attention span. You have to get your point across quickly and … Read more

The Audience Will NOT React to Your Speech… And Why That’s OK

When we first start speaking in public, we have a desire to be reassured by the audience. We subconsciously look for positive reactions from the crowd to signal that we are doing a good job. But if you think about, while this is understandable (we’re nervous and anxious and looking for reassurance), it’s unrealistic. Just … Read more

Presentation Preparation: 4 Ways to Prepare When You Are Pressed for Time

Presentation Preparation with Limited Time To make your presentation as powerful and persuasive as possible, it takes an investment of time. But, especially in certain industries, you often don’t have the luxury of lots of time to memorize, edit, order and reorder slides, get feedback from friends, and rehearse over and over. So here are some presentation … Read more