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Communication Classes Online and In Person

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We’ve designed our classes to help you transform your professional communication skills.

Our students are professionals from every industry and at all stages in their career, from CEOs and startup founders, to college students and mid-level managers.

But all of our students are motivated and committed to make real change in their communication skills.

They might be seeking to enhance their influence skills, present with impact during meetings, or build and strengthen professional relationships.

Whatever your goals, chances are we have worked with professionals or business owners just like you in our communication classes.

Students have succeeded at a wide variety of professional communication goals:

  • Giving talks at TEDx and industry conferences
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Assertiveness in meetings
  • Building professional presence
  • Concise speaking
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Moderating panel discussions
  • Providing interviews with ABC News, Cheddar, Now This Media, Yahoo Finance, and more

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communication classes and presentation skills training

Communication Classes and Presentation Skills Training

The best way to enhance your communication skills is through frequent practice under the guidance of experienced instructors.

communication class

With that in mind, all of our communication classes are highly interactive.

We emphasize group and solo activities, practice exercises, personalized feedback, and assignments for you to practice your communication skills day-to-day.

Program content is practical, results-oriented and focused on helping you develop the key skills that will make the biggest difference in your communication, influence and impact at work.

You might engage in presentation projects, impromptu speaking drills, day-to-day concise communication assignments, or assertiveness roleplays.

Our communication classes will challenge you to expand your comfort zone and achieve lasting progress.

Instructors and Trainers

Our instructors have years of experience coaching and training professionals of all ages, from every industry, and a wide range of specializations.

Our experience includes public speaking, personal development coaching, university instruction, improv training, confidence coaching, copywriting and message creation, corporate training, and more.

We bring together all of our diverse expertise to create training methods that are unique, fun and informative.

We strive to give you a skills training experience that is impactful and effective, and helps you achieve your personal goals.

Learn more about our team here.

Our Students

Students in our communication classes include professionals from a wide variety of fields:

  • Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Product Managers
  • Developers
  • Real Estate Investment Professionals
  • UX Designers
  • Business Owners
  • Sales and Business Development Reps
  • HR and Learning and Development Managers
  • Cybersecurity Professionals

Our students have two major types of goals that makes them seek out communication classes:

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Many students seek to give impactful presentations to their executives, refine their body language and delivery during client-facing presentations, develop storytelling or charisma skills, or just overcome nerves and stage fright.

We also get many clients who have the opportunity to speak at a major industry conference or in front of the media, and want to make sure they are successful.

Justin’s expertise, commitment, and pragmatic approach to coaching has proven invaluable in maintaining the integrity of the public speaking training program and ensuring the professional growth of its participants.
Joanne McDonnell, Head of Learning & Development

Day-to-Day Communication Skills at Work

We’ve worked with hundreds of students on their day-to-day professional communication.

These students might want to speak up more during meetings, project their influence, enhance their networking skills, speak more concisely, or improve their impromptu speaking abilities.

I recently completed a Concise Communication immersion program. The proof is in my instagram wellness videos! I highly recommend for everyone to take, helpful for both business and personal relationships.
Victoria Rivera, Wellness Psychotherapist

Browse our current and upcoming communication classes below to see which program is the best fit for your goals

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concise communication class




The Concise Communication Training Program is an intensive, 30-day live online course to help you become a concise and effective speaker… Learn More

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2-Week Program in Person


This course will take you through a series of structured drills, practice assignments, and group sessions that build and reinforce key presentation skills … Learn More

assertiveness training course


2-Week Online Program


This course will take you through a series of structured drills, practice assignments, and group sessions that build and reinforce key assertiveness skills … Learn More

presentation skills training


2-Week Online Program


In this course, you will learn essential presentation skills including self-introductions and elevator pitches, how to develop your key message, building confidence and reducing stage fright … Learn More


2-Week Program in Person


The Presentation Skills Training Course is an intensive, 2-week live program to help you become a confident and effective presenter at work … Learn More

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