Impromptu Speaking: 7 Tactics to Communicate in Unexpected Situations

One of the most common challenges our clients and students face is impromptu speaking. In most offices, you will need to speak off-the-cuff at various points: meetings, brainstorming sessions, or Q&A after a presentation. But we often fail to perform when caught off-guard. Our boss turns to us and says “So, what do you think … Read more

How to Facilitate a Meeting: Run a Meeting with Powerful People (5 Lessons)

Lessons in How to Facilitate a Meeting from the 2020 Presidential Debates On October 22nd, 2020 Kristen Welker taught a masterclass in how to moderate a debate, and in doing so, taught us how to run a meeting with powerful personalities. What was fascinating though, was the difference between her debate and the previous presidential … Read more

10 Tips to Reduce Stage Fright Right Before Your Presentation (video)

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During this livestream we explored 10 tips to get a handle on stage fright and nervousness before public speaking or presentations. I also answered some questions from the attendees on rehearsal, mistakes during public speaking, and more. Here are 10 major tips to manage stage fright and reduce nervousness right before your presentation or speech: … Read more

Why Your Zoom Meetings are Boring and Tedious (and How to Fix Them)

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Making zoom meetings engaging is a skill that can be learned. Unfortunately, many people don’t have that skill, leading to lots of boring and awkward remote meetings. Here are some reasons why they can be boring, and what to do about it. Recommended Products for Zoom Meetings and Video Conferences (affiliate links): Problem with Zoom … Read more

Reimagining Public Speaking for the Covid Era

There will definitely be a jump in purely virtual events in the near future because of Covid-19. But there will always be an interest in live, in-person events. The question is how these events and conferences will reimagine themselves in the post-covid era. Here are some predictions. Livestreams and Broadcasts More events will offer livestreams … Read more

7 Microphone Tips for Public Speaking

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Microphone Tips for Presenters and Speakers It’s not natural to speak into a microphone. So using it properly will take some practice. Keep these tips in mind. It may seem inconvenient to remember all these things, but remember that your microphone is your voice. Recommended Microphones for Video Conferencing (affiliate links): Poor use of the … Read more

How to Rehearse a Big Speech: 5 Best Practices

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If you have a big speech coming up, it’s incumbent on you to rehearse and rehearse well. Whether it’s a keynote at a major conference, a critical presentation to your board of directors, or a major speech to the public, the stakes are high and you need to get it right. These are five best … Read more

How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers

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Challenging people are a fact of working life. Learning how to deal with difficult coworkers and still get things done will make a big difference in your success. And it will be key for your sanity. Tips for How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers These lessons are based on my own experience of working with … Read more

Get Assertive in Fast-Moving Conversations: 8 Strategies


You’re in a conversation with multiple colleagues or clients. You want to speak up, get assertive, and get your perspective heard. But the conversation is being dominated by a few loud and confident voices (usually those with the highest status in the group). And there’s a lot of quick comments being exchanged from multiple people. … Read more