How to Think on Your Feet in Meetings and Presentations: 3 Mental Hacks

how to think on your feet

How to Think on Your Feet: Strategies We’ve explored impromptu speaking skills and how to respond to unexpected comments or questions. Key tactics include: keeping your comments concise, listening closely to the conversation and to others’ comments, developing a strong worldview, and other strategies. Now let’s look at how to develop a mindset that enables … Read more

Professional Presence: The Role of Culture and Context

professional presence and culture

What is Professional Presence? A person has professional presence if they conduct themselves in a confident and professional way. Being “professional” typically means keeping your conversations focused on work, and avoiding personal or potentially sensitive matters. However, professionalism also can mean many different things depending on your work environment and office culture. Some offices are … Read more

Get Assertive in Fast-Moving Conversations: 8 Strategies


You’re in a conversation with multiple colleagues or clients. You want to speak up, get assertive, and get your perspective heard. But the conversation is being dominated by a few loud and confident voices (usually those with the highest status in the group). And there’s a lot of quick comments being exchanged from multiple people. … Read more

3 Key Ways to Gain Respect as a New Leader or Manager

public speaking and presentation skills

How to Gain Respect as a New Leader Gaining respect as a new leader or manager is critical to your success. You’ve got to lead people who are new to you or those you were once on a team with, and earn their respect so they’ll follow you. If you’re younger than some on your … Read more

How to Be Assertive at Work: 5 Simple Strategies

how to be assertive at work

Many clients and students come to us with a common challenge: “I need to learn how to be assertive at work.” You might need to get more assertive to get your ideas heard, command more respect, or get team members to follow through on your guidance more consistently. How to Be Assertive at Work: Tips … Read more

Case Studies

Corporate and Team Training Case Studies Veeva Systems Veeva is a leading provider of cloud solutions for the global life sciences industry. Veeva’s solutions span CRM, mobile applications, compliance, healthcare data management, and more. Our team was brought in to develop and deliver a 30-day training program for assertiveness and communication skills. Seventeen consultants participated, … Read more

Presentation Training for Teams – Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Communication

Communication Training for Leadership and Productivity Training your team in presentation skills, public speaking and assertive communication will increase productivity, build leadership skills and empower your people to achieve their full potential. Critical skills include facilitating meetings and brainstorming sessions, communicating technical concepts to nontechnical colleagues, leading phone and video conference calls, and speaking with … Read more

Client Results

We’ve had the pleasure of coaching a wide variety of clients and students. They have worked in fields including tech, data, real estate, healthcare, finance, marketing, management consulting, and more. They range from CEOs, to Startup Founders, to College Students. Each person we’ve worked with has a unique story, with different challenges and goals. We … Read more

Communication Coaching, Public Speaking and Presentation Training

Cool Communicator LLC has provided hundreds of clients with communication training, public speaking coaching, and presentation skills courses. Our clients have overcome stage fright, given conference keynotes, TEDx talks, led high-stakes meetings in front of senior executives, and gained assertiveness in the workplace. Clients have also given successful interviews with ABC News, Cheddar, Now This … Read more