The Assertiveness Training Course is an intensive, 2-Week live online program to help you become a confident and assertive communicator at work




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The best way to improve your assertiveness skills is to practice consistently, rigorously, and frequently under the guidance of experienced instructors.

This is a LIVE course. You will attend each class session with your instructors and fellow students over Zoom, in addition to completing weekly and daily assignments.

This course will take you through a series of structured drills, practice assignments, and group sessions that build and reinforce key assertiveness skills:

  • Creating and maintaining boundaries
  • Stating your needs and proactively asking for things
  • Giving people bad news tactfully and professionally
  • Managing disagreements and debates
  • Handling interruptions from coworkers
  • Jumping in during meetings and getting your ideas heard
  • Responding to challenges and pushback from others

Through a combination of verbal exercises, group conversation drills, and analyzing the assertive communication strategies of high-profile speakers, you will develop the skill of confident and assertive communication.

You will dedicate 30 minutes every day of the program for solo practice and assignments.

And during the 2-hour Zoom classes, you will practice with fellow students and receive personalized feedback from your instructors.

assertiveness training

Our Students Come from Over 20 Countries and
Work at World-Class Companies Including:


Class 1

Creating and maintaining boundaries, disagreeing with others, proactively making requests

Class 2

Assertive body language and expressiveness, polite interruptions/ jumping in during meetings

Class 3

Handling interruptions from others, managing rejections and criticisms

Class 4

Pitching and proposing original ideas, taking initiative consistently in your professional life

assertiveness training


By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be capable of managing tension in the workplace, and communicating your boundaries
  • Have the tools for confidently handling interruptions or rejections from others
  • Know the right tactics for jumping in during meetings and getting your ideas heard
  • Be able to give coworkers or reports negative information professionally and tactfully
  • Build a foundation of confidence for leading meetings, collaboration and other group situations
  • Be comfortable with disagreement and speaking up for your point of view at work
  • Have a framework for confidently approaching others and making requests


Justin Aquino
Founder and Head Coach of Cool Communicator

I’ve delivered thousands of hours of coaching and training, with hundreds of clients from over 20 countries.

My students have succeeded at overcoming stage fright, pitching projects to executives, concise communication, presenting at TEDx and industry conferences, delivering media interviews with ABC News, Cheddar, Now This Media, Yahoo Finance, and more.

presentation and communication courses

Working with Justin has been an excellent experience. He understands the nuances of effective communication and how to apply in a business setting. Highly recommended.
Neil N
Marketing Executive

My manager and colleagues have commended me on my improved presence and ability to navigate and adapt in high stakes meetings, which I owe to working with Justin.
Allyson Wallace
Capital Markets Product Development

Justin gives great advice on how to give effective presentations, how to persuade an audience in high-stakes meetings… he has given me tips on how to communicate more succinctly.
Annette TM
Data Scientist

Shannon Stott
Founder and Trainer of Improv | On and Off the Stage

My experience working internationally in the State Department coupled with my 20+ years Improv experience, gives me a unique perspective into communication.

I help performers and non-performers discover communication skills to support their professional and personal progress.

Focusing on Dynamic listening, Co-Creating and Self trust, I guide corporations and individuals to strengthen their teams and themselves through better communication and connection. We also laugh. Did I mention that? We have a good time.

Communication at Work: Setting Effective Boundaries and Framing the Message


assertiveness training

Proactively reaching out to new people, pitching ideas and making requests

Speaking with expressiveness and clear volume

Speaking up during meetings at work and tactfully disagreeing with others

Praising others and recognizing their contributions

Weekly time commitment: 7.5 hours per week, including class time

Daily time commitment: 30+ minutes per day

Maximum of 6 students per course to ensure personalized attention and feedback

Practice time: 70%+ of your time in the course will be dedicated to practice and/or feedback


Here is a preview of activities and exercises you will do during the program:

Disagreeing with Others
We will simulate a situation where you have to directly disagree with another person, in a confident and professional way.

Being Rejected or Criticized
A simulation where you make a statement or give a brief proposal, and then others reject or criticize it, and you must respond with confidence and calmness.

Polite Interruptions and Jumping In
Multi-way group conversations where you have to find an opportunity to jump in and speak up.




After you register for the course below, you will receive:

  • A welcome message from your instructors
  • The course calendar
  • The Zoom link for all sessions during the program

Several days before the kickoff session, you will receive a reminder that the course is about to begin.



If you are unsatisfied with this training program for whatever reason, you are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of your purchase


Is two weeks long enough to improve my assertiveness skills?
Yes. We have designed the curriculum to include a variety of key assertiveness principles and active experiences that will help you make significant improvement in your assertive communication and confident speaking.

I have stage fright around public speaking. Will this course help with that?
This course does not have specific content for stage fright. However, many of the practice exercises will help you reduce stage fright through practice and exposure, including presenting in front of your peers.

Is this a self-paced course? Can I watch the videos at my own pace?
No. This is a live course where you will attend each weekly class in real time with your fellow students and instructors.

What is the age limit for this course?
This course is open to everyone 18 years old or older.

Can I attend if I live outside the United States?
Yes. As long as you can make each live class, the course is open to all countries.

Will this help me if I am not a native English speaker?
Yes. About one-third of our students are non-native English speakers. While this is not a language course, it will help anyone to communicate and express themselves better. However, if you want to become more fluent in the English language, we would recommend classes for advanced English or business English.

Have you worked with students in my industry?
Probably yes. Our coaching clients and workshop students come from every industry and sector, from healthcare and finance, to tech and manufacturing. We have served CEOs, data scientists, fashion designers, product developers, college students, sales reps, and many more.

Have you worked with students like me? With my challenges?
Almost definitely. We’ve worked with men and women of all ages and backgrounds, including many non-native English speakers, from several dozen countries. We’ve helped our students with concise communication, impromptu speaking skills, handle challenges and pushbacks during presentations, develop compelling and persuasive messages, break down technical information for nontechnical audiences, and many other professional communication challenges.

Will this course help me communicate better with my friends, family or partner?
While the skills of assertive communication are applicable in many areas of life, this course is focused on assertiveness in professional or work settings, and is designed for working professionals.

Can I get reimbursed by my company?
Possibly, depending on your company’s learning and development policies. We are happy to provide invoices to help you request reimbursement from your organization.

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