Client Results

We’ve had the pleasure of coaching a wide variety of clients and students. They have worked in fields including tech, data, real estate, healthcare, finance, marketing, management consulting, and more. They range from CEOs, to Startup Founders, to College Students. Each person we’ve worked with has a unique story, with different challenges and goals. We … Read more

Communication Coaching, Public Speaking and Presentation Training

Cool Communicator LLC has provided hundreds of clients with communication training, public speaking coaching, and presentation skills courses. Our clients have overcome stage fright, given conference keynotes, TEDx talks, led high-stakes meetings in front of senior executives, and gained assertiveness in the workplace. Clients have also given successful interviews with ABC News, Cheddar, Now This … Read more

How to Interrupt Someone (Politely): 4 Steps

How to Interrupt in a Positive and Effective Way A client of mine is working on her networking skills. She recently mentioned she was having trouble with managing a conversation when the other person won’t stop talking. Understandably, she does not want to be impolite or rude. But at the same time, allowing the other … Read more

Public Speaking Coaching and Presentation Training

Public speaking coaching and presentation training will help you reach the next level in your professional communication skills. You may be looking to present more effectively to virtual or remote teams, get buy-in from senior managers, or communicate technical insights to nontechnical stakeholders. Maybe you need to speak on panels or give a speech at … Read more