Upgrade Your Professional Communication Skills in NYC

We offer programs in New York City to help you learn public speaking, presentation skills, and workplace communication skills.


2-Week Program in Person


The Presentation Skills Training Course is an intensive, 2-week live program to help you become a confident and effective presenter at work … Learn More

Communication Classes NYC

Communication skills are critical for success in the workplace. Our NYC communication training programs focus on active practice and direct feedback.

We have programs training professional communication skills including:

  • Assertiveness in the workplace
  • Concise communication
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Speaking with influence and persuasion
  • Building professional relationships and alliances at work
  • Meeting facilitation and managing Q&A
  • Managing virtual meetings
communication classes nyc

Public Speaking Classes NYC

We’ve coached and trained hundreds of professionals in public speaking and presentation skills.

Our public speaking classes provide lessons, strategies, drills and exercises with feedback to help you overcome stage fright and become an impactful speaker.

We train professionals from all industries in skills like:

  • Confident public speaking and managing stage fright
  • Crafting an impactful message
  • Using storytelling, rhetorical techniques and other tactics to enhance your message
  • Creating a logical and organized flow in your speech
  • Body language, hand gestures and vocal tonality
communication classes nyc

Enhance Your Presentation Skills at Work

Giving effective and impactful presentations are a critical skill most professionals will need during their career. Our presentation skills training programs focus on practical techniques to develop effective messages and deliver with confidence.

We’ve coached and trained individuals from every industry and professional background on key presentation skills:

  • Confident and compelling body language and nonverbal communication
  • Creating impactful messages
  • Presenting technical information to nontechnical audiences
  • Slide decks and visualizations
  • Concise and clear presenting
  • Time management during presentations
  • Facilitating Q&A and discussions
  • Handling pushback and skepticism during presentations
  • Presenting to senior executives
  • High-stakes presentations
  • Managing nerves and stage fright