Presentation Training for Teams – Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Communication

Communication Training for Leadership and Productivity

Training your team in presentation skills, public speaking and assertive communication will increase productivity, build leadership skills and empower your people to achieve their full potential. Critical skills include facilitating meetings and brainstorming sessions, communicating technical concepts to nontechnical colleagues, leading phone and video conference calls, and speaking with concision and clarity.

Presentation Training for Company Events and Branding Opportunities

We will help your people build public speaking confidence and overcome stage fright or camera shyness. Training will equip your team with the skills to organize and facilitate engaging panel discussions, present at trade shows and industry conferences, and provide successful media interviews. From designing slides and visualizations to managing Q&A and audience interactivity, training will be customized to your team’s goals.

Virtual Training: Conduct training sessions and workshops remotely over video conferencing

Lessons & Strategy: Principles of verbal delivery, persuasion, influence, assertiveness and charisma

Drills & Exercises: Role-plays, simulations and structured exercises in-session

Video Recordings: Enable team members to see their own strengths and weaknesses from an objective point of view

Vocal Metrics: Participants see metrics of their vocal projection and tonality in real time

Plus additional elements to facilitate transformative growth

presentation trainer and coachI’m Justin. I created Cool Communicator LLC to help professionals and business owners reach their full leadership and communication potential.

I’ve conducted thousands of hours of coaching and training with clients from over 20 countries.

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Our clients include CEOs, startup founders, data scientists, UX designers, product managers, and account executives. We’ve also worked with professionals and business leaders in finance, consulting and many other fields.

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