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I’ve helped clients with many communication challenges. From speaking to social skills to selling, and more.

One of the main recurring themes through all of them has been complication.

When we are confused by something, we have a tendency to complicate it. We over-think something as simple as having a conversation.

We develop theoretical frameworks and methodologies and complex narratives with all sorts of “rules” about what to do and what not to do.

Only when we start to let go of these complications can we take a fresh look at the situation, and start to make real, sustained growth.

For public speaking, we should recognize the essential truth: effective speaking comes from genuine passion and enthusiasm for your topic and a desire to educate an audience. Everything else follows from that.

For selling skills, we have to realize that buying and selling are completely natural human activities that we have engaged in for 1000s of years.

When getting to know someone new at a networking event or anywhere else, we should remember that building rapport and connections is a truly simple process: listen and appreciate others, and share and be honest about ourselves.

Simplicity does not mean “easy.” It can be tough to get in the habit of relaxed, open communication if we have little experience. And almost everyone struggles with public speaking or effective presentation skills at first.

But getting lost in a world of weird jargon and technicalities and crazy theories isn’t the answer. It will just delay our progress.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do, take a step back and try to view things from a simple perspective. Proceed from that place.

Justin Aquino