Passion and Enthusiasm: The EASIEST Way to Become More Charismatic

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One of the key qualities of dry, boring communicators: no passion!

When someone seems to lack passion and excitement for their topic, we get bored very quickly.

Why should we be interested in the topic if they aren’t?

With more passion in your communication, you are more convincing, more engaging, and just more fun.

Some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I actually care about this topic?
  • Do I feel more alive and animated when I talk about it?
  • Do I enjoy discussing it with others?
  • Would I rather be doing something else right now? Or is this exactly where I want to be?

If you aren’t passionate about it, it could be time to find a new topic or message.

But if you are fascinated by this message and idea, but still bore people to sleep, then maybe the way you are speaking is the issue.

In this post I mentioned a simple tactic for increasing your charisma: right before speaking, review the main points that get you most excited. Focus on those and allow your energy to come out in reference to those.

For example, I used to give talks about social skills. One concept that got me animated was the fact that so many sources made social skills very complicated. They created complex systems and routines that normally just confused people even more.

But there was very little emphasis on a simple, natural approach.

So I would highlight that in my presentations. I would say that things don’t have to be complicated. I would advocate a natural and organic approach to improving your social skills.

This made me more passionate, and sure enough, the audience became way more engaged.

Make it fun for yourself.

There are countless ways for you to make the presentation or conversation more fun. A lot depends on the product or service, your personality, and on the environment or context you’re in.

But examples would be:

  • Starting out with a joke
  • Bringing some humor into the presentation
  • Using stimulating and eye-catching visuals (on a powerpoint presentation or brochures/ visual aids)
  • Incorporating audience participation
  • Using music
  • Dressing in a more fun or eye-catching way
  • Using props (which could be practically anything)
  • Telling interesting stories related to the topic
  • Sharing your personal experience if relevant
  • Meeting in a venue or location you really enjoy (especially for one-on-one conversations)
  • Getting creative in your word choice (using different types of adjectives or phrases to describe things, for instance)

Again, it has to be appropriate for the situation you’re in. But making things fun helps you enjoy the process much more.

You will look forward to the presentation or conversation, enjoy it more while doing it, and come across as more passionate.

Don’t hold yourself back.

You already have the excitement you need inside. You are probably just not letting it out. Instead of being shy and restrained, let your excitement come out.

People want you to be excited. They want to see passion. People crave strong leadership and a strong direction. As the presenter or the communicator, it is your prerogative to set the tone and the vibe.

Leverage your fascination with your topic to your advantage.

It doesn’t have to be an artificial, fake performance. In fact it shouldn’t be. It has to be genuine and real for you. Only then will your audience have the ability to get excited about it too.

Stop worrying about how you look and if you are saying or doing something odd.

Instead just focus on your passion and energy. People will forgive minor ticks or bad habits if it’s coming from a place of genuine enthusiasm and commitment to your message.

Justin Aquino