No More Wallflowers – How to Master Group Conversations (Videos)

I gave a presentation recently here in New York about group conversations.

We discussed:

  • The basics of group dynamics. Understanding the types of group situations there are, dynamic vs rigid group situations, and how to take pressure off of yourself when approaching a new group.
  • How to contribute and engage with a group even if you don’t know what they are talking about.
  • How to quickly identify the “leaders” and major influencers in a new group.
  • Specific steps to be more confident and charismatic in group contexts.

The four video clips below are from the talk.

Group conversations are intimidating for a lot of people, even for many who are strong one-on-one.

The key is to recognize that the group is simply comprised of individuals.

Your job is not to impress the entire group. You must only connect and build rapport with key individuals in the group.

If you can build good relationships and rapport with those people, then you can leverage that to larger group influence over time.

It’s also important to not put pressure on yourself to “rush through the sale” right away. Take your time to observe the group, learn about them, understand their beliefs and overall frame, and who are the power players.

Introduce some of your ideas, but don’t try to get them to buy in right away. Whether you are selling a product, a service, an idea, or yourself, your desired decision will probably happen over time.

You have to give the group time to process your new idea, and come to a decision later on.

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Justin Aquino