This is How You Take Away the Buyer’s Excuses

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I’m sitting in a Starbucks here in New York and I just overheard a woman ask the staff for a certain packet of coffee beans.

One staff member replied “We don’t sell that here, you can go to the Astor place store [literally around the corner from this one]

The woman said “Eh, I’m too lazy, I was just curious if you guys had it.”

Another staff member then chimed in: “The two stores in Union Square will have it too, if you’re heading that way.”

“Still too lazy!” the patron joked back.

As she turned to walk out, the staff leader called after her “ delivers!”

Persistence. Creativity. There is always another way to get the sale.

I wouldn’t be surprised if later today when she has some down time, that patron logs onto the website, searches for her favorite coffee bean, and places an order.

Train yourself or your team to come up with the perfect response for every possible excuse a buyer might make.

Not only does it increase your odds of closing the sale, but it also shows you are a creative solutions-provider.

No matter what problem, challenge or issue that comes up, even if that issue is sheer laziness, you can figure out a solution.

Now that is the kind of service every buyer wants.

Justin Aquino