I help people transform their communication skills.

Communication can be verbal. Sales figures. Investment pitches. Your work experience. An outline of future goals.

Communication can also be non-verbal. A slouch. A clearing of the throat. A roll of the eye. A forced smile. A handshake.

Work is becoming ever-more dynamic and unpredictable. Artificial intelligence promises (threatens?) to overhaul countless jobs.

Those that thrive in an unpredictable economy have key skills that set them apart: persuasion, leadership, selling ability, networking and coalition-building, listening skills and social intelligence. They all come back to communication.

Companies want employees who can speak with confidence about their achievements, sell themselves and their firm, and maintain strong relationships.

Business leaders increasingly require “soft skills” like team-building, persuasion and win-win negotiation. There’s nothing soft about them, as they are often more critical for their jobs than the “hard skills” of their technical backgrounds.

My clients range from job seekers, to startup founders, to seniors at Fortune 500 companies. They each have a unique story and a unique goal for their communication.

For some, it’s overcoming fear of public speaking. For others, performing in job interviews and salary negotiations. And for many, it’s just about feeling less anxious at networking events.

If any of this speaks to you, I am here to help.

I’ve successfully worked with dozens of clients, from 20 countries, completing over 1,500 total hours of live coaching.

I’ve also been recognized as a Top Pro on Thumbtack.com for service excellence. This distinction is given only to the top 4% of providers on the platform.

Contact me using the form below and I look forward to speaking with you.

-Justin Aquino