I created Cool Communicator LLC to coach professionals and business owners on leadership, public speaking, networking, and professional presence.

My experience includes:

-Six years as a recruiter and event manager, reviewing thousands of resumes and leading 100+ person teams
-Over 1,300 hours of coaching with clients and students in personal and professional growth
-Over 100 presentations, hosted seminars, workshops and speaking engagements

I’ve successfully worked with dozens of clients in a variety of fields: real estate, healthcare, marketing, finance, startups, university students, and more.

My clients range from job seekers, to startup founders, to seniors at Fortune 500 companies.

I studied in the School of Management and graduated with a degree in Economics from Boston College.

Whether you want to be a charismatic public speaker, pitch your startup to investors, persuade clients on phone/ skype calls, lead your team, perform in job interviews, or just feel less anxious in networking situations, I am here to help.

Contact me below and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

-Justin Aquino