The Power of the Tribe

People naturally organize themselves into groupings. These groups are based on whatever is important to them. It could be religion, ethnicity, language, nationality, gender, age, occupation, ideology, or countless other categories. Or it could be a combination of multiple factors: Hispanic millenni...
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Where are all the customers??

It’s very simple. This problem arises when you are either not doing enough promotional activity or not doing the right kinds of promo activities. Here are some examples of not doing enough total activity: A lawyer who goes to one networking event every few months and meets 4 or 5 people. An ac...
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Why Selling is in Our Nature

Selling can seem confusing and overwhelming. There are literally 1000s of books on the subject. 100s of experts and gurus. Everyone has their own system, methodology or philosophy. It’s easy to feel that selling is horrendously complex. Clearly no one would be “born” with the ...
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