How Dr Oz Got Fox News to Support Spending on the Homeless (video)

Framing is everything. I’ve written before about the power of framing in persuasion.

At minute 1:40 in this segment on Fox News, Dr Oz shows how it’s done, whether intentionally or not:

He briefly turns a conversation about healthcare spending into one on homelessness.

Because the whole tone of the discussion to that point is about money and cost savings, he is able to frame the homeless issue in terms of costs to the public.

He starts by saying “It’s not just about health, it’s about housing, it’s about education. They all work together.” Which makes total sense on the surface. So he gets the audience agreeing right off the bat.

He then cites a program in Seattle that spent money to take homeless people off the street, but then saved the city money in healthcare.

Immediately it resonates with the conservative anchors and gets them nodding their heads.

One of them even offers: “$13 gets you $43!” [the program saved $43,000 per person in healthcare costs]

He wraps up with the basic lesson: “Let’s invest money in areas where we know it will benefit.”

By speaking in terms of saving money, investments that pay off, and spending taxpayer money smartly, he gets the conservative audience on his side.

Get your audience agreeing right away, start from their priorities and goals, and design your message accordingly.

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