Where are all the customers??

It’s very simple. This problem arises when you are either not doing enough promotional activity or not doing the right kinds of promo activities.

Here are some examples of not doing enough total activity:

  • A lawyer who goes to one networking event every few months and meets 4 or 5 people.
  • An accountant who uses blogging for his promotion, but posts a new post of around 700 words about once or twice a month.
  • A fashion designer who posts a new image to her Instagram 3 or 4 times a month, and never likes or comments on other people’s posts
  • A marketing software company that uses cold calling to prospect, but only makes 3 or 4 calls per day
  • A financial advisor who promotes by giving free financial planning seminars, but hosts only one event every few months
  • A personal trainer whose primary channel is referrals, but only asks every 5th client for a referral
  • A business coach who mainly uses Facebook, but posts to her own group once a week, rarely comments in her group’s discussions, and only occasionally likes or shares third party content

These are rough approximations of course.

And I’m talking about someone who really needs to promote their business. For someone with a huge network built over many years, or more leads than they know what to do with, there is not as much urgency.

But clearly the level of activity is too low for all these examples.

  • The lawyer should be going to a networking event every week, and getting at least 10 business cards each time. This will take her total prospects over 6 months from say, 15… to 240.
  • The accountant needs to either post much longer and in-depth articles, say 3000+ words, twice a month, or post the 700 word articles much more frequently, like 2-3 times per week minimum.
  • The fashion designer should be posting to Instagram 3-4 times per week, not per month, and should be liking and commenting on tons of complementary pages in between posts.
  • The software company needs to be doing 10 times the activity: at least 30 or 40 cold calls daily. Assuming there are only one or two people on their sales team.
  • The financial advisor should be doing an event bi-weekly, maybe more frequently depending on the size of his market. But certainly at least monthly.
  • The personal trainer needs to ask every single client for a referral. And follow up with them after a few days in case they’ve forgotten.
  • And finally the business coach should be posting to her own group daily ideally, should comment in every single discussion, share at least one piece of third party content every day, and should be very active on at least 2-3 other Facebook groups or forums in her niche.

This gives you a general idea of the level of activity you need depending on your field and your primary prospecting channel.

And again, if you are sitting on a pile of leads, then there isn’t as much urgency to generate new ones. This is more relevant to those who are at an early stage in their business or in a transition period trying to reach the next level.

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about the second issue: the right kinds of promotional activity.

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