Why the Successful are Often Eccentric (videos)

It takes a certain amount of boldness, radicalism and eccentricity to break out of the mold that you have been born into.

The amount of physical and mental energy required to make a significant shift–and not backslide into the same situation–is immense.

It’s the same with a car that is stuck in the mud. By just pressing on the gas pedal the way you normally would, the car will just spin its wheels.

It needs an extra amount of friction and force above and beyond the norm to get out of that situation. You might need to floor it just to move the car 2 feet. And sometimes even that is not enough. The car requires an external intervention, in the form of a tow truck.

This is what it takes to make a permanent shift out of an existing pattern and into a new reality.

And it’s the same with business success, or any kind of real growth and change. A transformative social, emotional and physical process is required to break out of the negative vicious cycle of poverty, to reach the middle class or upper class.

Here are some examples of very unique and colorful characters. They may be bold or brash, you may love them or hate them, but they are all extremely successful.

Playing it safe, in business or in life, rarely achieves great things…

Grant Cardone

Gordon Ramsay

Steve Jobs

Gary Vaynerchuk

Richard Branson

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