Not Sure How to Approach a New Client? Ask Yourself this One Question

You need to generate business. But you also don’t want to be seen as pushy and over-aggressive.

Demonstrating initiative and assertiveness shows professionalism and confidence. So how do you strike the balance between assertive and pushy? Between giving them lots of good information and taking up too much of their time?

Ask yourself a simple question:

“How would I want to be approached?”

Just flip it around and think about yourself.

How would you want to be approached for a product or service? Would you even want to be approached in the way you’re thinking? Or is another channel or strategy better?

What could someone do to make the process enjoyable and interesting for you?

You can also just imagine you are that person. Put yourself in their shoes. With their schedule, their lifestyle, their problems and challenges and objectives. What would you be looking for in a pitch?

When I do this exercise with students, they usually say things like:

“I would want them to get to the point”

“I would want them to respect my time”

“I would want them to be honest and upfront about why they are approaching me or contacting me”

“I would want them to be prepared to give me all the relevant information in a concise, easy-to-understand way”

“I would want them to answer my questions”

“I would want them to give me links to more info, or other materials so I could learn more about how it works, their experience, their qualifications, how long their company has been in business, etc”

Your answers may be different, or only reveal a portion of the overall picture.

But asking how you like being approached, and what has worked on you in the past when you purchased products and services, is a very good starting point.

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