Keep it Concise and Focused on the First Call (video)

“I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter; I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

–Blaise Pascal

An accounting professor of mine back in college was in love with this quote from Blaise Pascal. It sums up a basic truth we have all experienced, or will experience in business communication: concision takes effort.

When it comes to cold calling, it is especially important to be focused and concise in your words.

You are intruding on the other person’s time, so you better make it good. This is¬†absolutely critical if you’re calling on very high-level or senior people whose time is at an absolute premium.

Being concise and to-the-point shows a number of very positive qualities:

  • You have respect for the other person’s time
  • You are sharp and focused
  • You demonstrate¬†professionalism and understand the importance of clarity
  • You are well-prepared and have put effort into this presentation/ pitch

And of course, you literally save the other person time, which is a gift in itself.

It’s worth the extra time to prepare a tight, concise series of statements when cold calling (or any early-stage call for that matter).

Your words should be clear and easily understandable. You should cut out any extra fluff and unnecessary verbiage from your speech.

Keeping things simple, straightforward and to-the-point will also take a lot of pressure off of yourself (building up lots of pressure and expectations in anticipation of the call is one of the biggest problems people have with cold calling).

In the video below, I discuss the power of concision and focusing the call on what your client will benefit from your service, not the features and details of what you do.

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