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Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face

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“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face”

–Mike Tyson

This is one of my favorite quotes of the moment.

Practice and experience are essential if you want to build a skill set. Whether that skill is leadership, communication, sales, or anything else.

I am a big believer in real world experience and practice. And I try to incorporate this as much as possible into my coaching work.

Being involved in the personal growth sphere for a huge part of my life, I’ve seen that talk is cheap.

There are vast numbers of people who talk a great game. But precious few that actually back it up with action.

I’ve met people who have read 10 times the number of books I have, and have achieved a fraction of what I have.

The internet is a precious resource, overflowing with knowledge and insight from the best minds on planet earth.

But the internet will seduce you with its knowledge. It’s very easy to just sit and read blogs, watch videos, and “like” motivational memes. But it’s a lot harder to put those ideas into practice, to make yourself uncomfortable in the real world.

It’s one thing to learn “10 Tips to Make Networking Easier” but quite another to actually stand in a room full of strangers, palms sweating, feeling vulnerable and intimidated, and push yourself to approach someone new in spite of all that.

Companies have blown billions of dollars on all sorts of training, coaching, and consulting programs for decades.

When it works and is done well, training is excellent and will completely transform an individual, a team or an organization.

But when executed poorly, it’s a waste of time and money at best. It might even be detrimental, at worst.

Practical application is the key: Can I actually implement this knowledge? Do I even know how to do that? Do I have specific steps to actually move closer to my goals? If I mess it up or chicken out, do I have support and guidance to help me get back on track?

Having a plan is important. But plans are a dime a dozen.

When you actually get punched in the face by fear, confusion, doubt, and failure, and your plan seems like a cute little idea far, far away, that’s when you have the potential to actually grow.

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