Creating a Call to Action for Your Audience


Register Here Have you ever watched a presentation and thought "well, that was interesting, but now what?" What was missing was a call to action. A "call to action" is a presentation strategy that gives your audience something to actually do after your presentation. Calls to action are extremely useful in formal business presentations, public ... Read more

How to Use Storytelling in Your Presentations – 30 min webinar and Q&A


Register Here Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling is one of the most powerful strategies a speaker can use to generate an emotional response in their audience and create impact. Good stories can take dry, boring information and make it relatable and fascinating for your audience. Your stories can be long or short, simple or ... Read more

Presentation Skills: Using Dramatic and Emotional Language to Create Impact (30 min webinar and Q&A)


Register Here Humans are emotional creatures. And your audience is no exception. One of the biggest reasons presentations fall flat is the language used: dry, boring, predictable. Most presenters in the business world "play it safe" with language that is common or typical. By using vivid descriptions, dramatic verbiage and emotional references, you have an ... Read more

How to Conclude a Presentation – 30 min webinar and Q&A

You've given a great presentation or speech. You have provided lots of great info to your audience. Now for the challenging part: how to end it. What's the best way to conclude a presentation? What are some of the best practices to leave things on a high note and leave your audience wanting more? During ... Read more


Introducing Yourself in a Presentation

What's the best way to introduce yourself when giving a presentation or speech? What's the right balance between highlighting your accomplishments but not getting too "salesy"? What do audiences want to know about your background, and what is most relevant? How can you let the audience get to know you on a professional level without ... Read more

Workplace Communication: Dealing with Difficult Coworkers – 30 Minute Live Webinar and Q&A

Difficult coworkers are a fact of office life. Let's explore how to manage those relationships and get things done, even if you have colleagues that are obstructionist, challenging, negative or passive-aggressive. We will also have time to take your questions, so make sure to bring your current challenges with communication and presentation skills!

Handling Challenges During Your Presentation – 30 Minute Live Webinar and Q&A

You don't want to be caught unprepared if you get challenges, pushback or skepticism during your presentation. Taking the time to plan for questions and challenges makes a big difference in your performance, and your persuasiveness, when the pressure is on. In this webinar we will explore how to prepare for challenges from your audience ... Read more

Celebrity Speaker Analysis: Simon Sinek – 30 Minute Live Webinar and Q&A

Simon Sinek is one of the most prominent public speakers in business today. In this live webinar, we will watch a video of him presenting and analyze what makes him so effective--his techniques, strategies, rhetorical tactics and more. We will also have time to take your questions, so make sure to bring your current challenges ... Read more