Assertiveness: Creating and Maintaining Boundaries at Work (30 Minute Webinar)

Setting boundaries is a critical part of becoming more assertive at work. When clients come to us with assertiveness challenges, failure to communicate or maintain boundaries is often a major factor. How do you set healthy boundaries and communicate them to peers or bosses? How should you respond if others start encroaching on those standards ... Read more

Charismatic Mindset: How to Break Through Disempowering Beliefs to Become a Better Communicator (30 minute webinar)

Mindset is a critical component of our work with our students. Ultimately your success and effectiveness as a speaker, presenter and communicator is rooted in your mindset. Mindset challenges that affect your communication can include: Stage frightImpostor syndromeNegative self-imageConfidence challenges around certain individuals All of these will undermine your communication skills day-to-day in the workplace, ... Read more