3 Practical Steps to Getting What You Want in Negotiations (Audio)

I recently did a workshop here in New York on negotiation skills. Here are some clips from the talk.

First, you have to setup a strong position. You have to be actually building a reputation as a productive, high-value member of the team.

Or, in the case of selling and negotiating with clients as a business, you must be establishing your value long before the negotiation occurs.

If you wait until the negotiation itself to try to convince them of your value, it’s too late.

Your boss, client or whomever your negotiating partner is, has already decided, on a subconscious level, whether they will go along with your demands long before you sit down together at that table.

In addition to setting up a strong position, you must develop alternatives for yourself.

A person with few alternatives is a weak person who will lose in negotiations time and time again.

When you enter negotiations with a strong set of options and alternatives–especially outside of the negotiation process altogether–you have greater confidence and are willing to ask for more.

You are willing to take bigger risks because you know, in the worst case scenario, if it fails, you will still have good options to fall back on.

Finally, you must prepare for the negotiation process.

Use techniques like mirroring, avoiding open disagreement, highlighting your accomplishments and more to move the negotiation in your desired direction.

Don’t assume that your negotiating partner automatically remembers everything you have achieved.

Use objective criteria, numbers and data to bolster your argument and add authority to your position.

Be ready to hear their perspective, probe deeper to get them to justify their position, and reframe their objections and challenges to your advantage.

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