Speaking with Confidence: Fake it Till You Make it?

Can you literally “fake” your way to more confidence?

It sounds funny but to a certain extent, you can.

It’s been scientifically demonstrated that people can use “power poses” to literally increase the testosterone and decrease the cortisol in their blood stream:

And we’ve known for a long time that smiling stimulates feel-good hormones. Which in turn, contributes to your confidence and sense of comfort.

These kinds of techniques might seem like a temporary “fix” that doesn’t really do anything long term.

But what if these became daily habits for you?

I can personally vouch for the fact that actually shifting your physical movement and body language makes a huge difference, if practiced consistently over time.

This was a major part of my own personal development and confidence building when I was younger.

If you look at “naturally” confident people, they tend to have expansive and open body language more often than not. They are constantly reinforcing their confident inner state with their physical movement and positioning.

They are not confident despite terrible posture, crossed arms, or a permanent frown. Their body and mindset feed off of each other.

And this comes through in their communication style: They speak loudly and clearly. They make solid eye contact. They make smooth and confident hand gestures as they speak.

They take an active role in conversations. They initiate new topics instead of passively waiting for others to lead the conversation.

These are the kinds of specific behaviors you can imitate and “fake” until they become a habit. You are literally conditioning your body, voice and face to act confidently. Over time this seeps into your mind and overall demeanor.

If you have deep inner turmoil, then certainly no amount of external faking will fix it.

And physical movement alone is not the be-all, end-all of confidence.

But for the vast majority of people, imitation, mimicry and even “faking” are legitimate strategies to help build genuine communication confidence over time.

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