Why Selling is in Our Nature

Selling can seem confusing and overwhelming. There are literally 1000s of books on the subject. 100s of experts and gurus. Everyone has their own system, methodology or philosophy. It’s easy to feel that selling is horrendously complex. Clearly no one would be “born” with the ...
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engage your clients

5 Ways to Keep Clients Engaged

The sales and marketing process does not end at the close. In fact, the vast majority of your income is earned after the first closed deal. Most of your lifetime income will be from the long-term relationship with your best clients. So managing and maintaining those long-term relationships is crit...
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social media burnout

Avoid Social Media Burnout

A guest at one of my recent talks in NYC had a problem. She was getting overwhelmed by all of the options for social media promotion. It’s understandable, since social media can be complex and confusing. Social media is a great tool for marketing, but also requires lots of work. From Twit...
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content creation ideas

4 Ways to Come Up with Content Ideas

Content is such a great small business marketing tool. It’s cheap or free to produce, it’s easy to reach tons of people, and it gives you an outlet for your creativity. But what kind of content should you be making? How do you choose among thousands of potential topics? Here are some s...
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Trump is a Marketing Genius

In the startup world, everybody talks about “disruption.” Well, love him or hate him, Donald Trump has just disrupted the American political system. How did he do it? He has a natural instinct for marketing, promotion and branding. And he’s honed that instinct over many years in...
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