Creating Content for Marketing and Promotion: 2 Ways I Overcome “Writer’s Block”

get creative, overcome writer's block

Content creation is a huge part of promoting your business. But it can be difficult to come up with cool stuff to write about or make videos on, over and over again.

I’ve been writing and blogging for years, and I’ve written well over 1,000 articles on various sites.

So I have found two simple strategies that help me to get over the inevitable freeze up that kills your creativity.

1. Change Your Setting

Writer’s block (or “content creator’s block” as we might say) comes from a bad pattern. You develop a pattern of non-creativity. And this pattern gets more and more ingrained the harder you try to create something.

Sitting at the same desk, in front of the same computer screen, with the same word processor open… inevitably gets old.

Sooner or later you will be out of inspiration. Your brain needs new stimulus to create something new. And pushing yourself harder and harder to create something, within the same broken framework, doesn’t work.

Instead, I found that when I changed my surroundings, I shifted my creative energy.

The brain is constantly processing information from its surroundings. If the surroundings are the same old, same old, then you will get the same old outputs. You end up rehashing old themes and topics. You get bored and your audience gets bored.

So I would stand up and walk around for a while. I would go to a new restaurant or event. I would hang out with some friends at a bar, or talk to a family member on the phone. I would watch some Youtube videos or read a book.

Anything to break the pattern and jolt my brain out of that boring, predictable rut.

Sometimes that change in physical activity would be enough to get things going. I would be inspired or motivated by a random TV commercial or an interesting idea I heard from my friend.

Other times, I required an extra step to get the creativity flowing, which brings me to the next point.

2. Start Writing Anything

I would literally just start writing random thoughts or musings as they came to me.

It could be a business problem I had not yet figured out, or a political argument I was exploring. I have an entire library’s worth of material just from this alone, between notepads, word documents, notes on my phone and unpublished blog posts.

By going through the motions of writing and creating, it gave me momentum. That momentum almost always led to some new and interesting content that I would later edit, refine and post on my blogs or websites.

The key lesson is that everything you write doesn’t have to be gold. Just by going through the process of writing and creating something you end up creating some stuff that is gold.

But you never would have created that if you hadn’t gotten started.

You have to be comfortable with creating some bad, boring or illogical material. Because that is the gateway to the good content you eventually want to publish.

Both of these strategies apply to video content, podcast content, or speaking/ presentation topics. It doesn’t matter what the platform is, the creative process is the same regardless.

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