Avoid Social Media Burnout

A guest at one of my recent talks in NYC had a problem. She was getting overwhelmed by all of the options for social media promotion. It’s understandable, since social media can be complex and confusing.

Social media is a great tool for marketing, but also requires lots of work.

From Twitter to Snapchat to email marketing funnels to Linked in connections and more… there’s a LOT to do. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or frustrated.

And how are you supposed to run your business when social media is taking up more and more of your time?

There are just two things I recommend to anyone in this situation: Test and Focus.

Test Social Media Techniques

No matter what kind of business you’re in or who you’re selling to, you need to at least try a variety of social channels (I have a list of the most important ones at the end of this post).

You owe it to yourself and your business to experiment and try things out to see what works.

Make a solid effort to try each social media option. Don’t just go through the motions of tweeting and posting.

If you’re making videos for Youtube, optimize the length and quality of the video, create a compelling title and strong description that includes relevant links.

If you’re starting a Facebook page, post on it at least several times per week. Invite everyone you know on Facebook to like or follow it. And consider spending some money to boost your posts so that you reach as much of your audience as possible.

For Instagram, don’t just half-ass it with two or three mediocre selfies. Actually post interesting images that are relevant or entertaining to your audience. Use plenty of hashtags. And make use of the many photo editor apps to optimize your images.

You don’t have to make hundreds of posts or spend many weeks on a platform to test it. But you should make a legitimate effort to see if it really has potential for your business.

And you should test a bunch of them. You never know which platform might produce engagement from customers. Keep testing and experimenting until you find a formula that sticks.

And then…

Focus Your Social Media Marketing

When you have limited resources and time, you want to focus like a laser on what works.

As you grow your business and bring on new team members, you can expand onto other social media platforms. But that’s a lot easier when you’re generating traffic and revenue, and building an engaged audience. And that requires a strong foundation.

Some business owners only do Instagram, for example. But their Instagram is very well-run, polished, and optimized. They engage with their audience through comments, DMs, likes and shares.

And they generate enough engagement to pull high-converting traffic to their landing page. They might also invest in Instagram advertising to max out their potential.

Other entrepreneurs focus entirely on Linked in. They make use of everything that Linked in has to offer: from Linked in groups and pages, to private messages to targeted prospects, to commenting on and sharing articles, to publishing their own articles.

Again, what works for you will depend on your products and services, and where your audience spends their time and attention.

Don’t spread yourself too thin on social media. It’s better to specialize in one or two platforms and do extremely well on them, than to do “sort of” good on a bunch of platforms.

Social media channels for small businesses:

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