3 Steps to Sell Without “Selling”

If you want to increase your income, grow your business and make your desired impact, you have to sell. Sales skills are essential. Pretty much everybody understands that.

BUT, most people have a problem with selling.

Selling their products and services makes them feel “slick” or fake.

You have to show enthusiasm and passion for what you’re selling (otherwise, why would a customer be enthusiastic about it?), but it can feel strained or unnatural.

The great thing is that selling does not have to feel fake. In fact, selling works better when you communicate genuinely and resonate with your audience.

Nobody wants to buy from a fake salesman or saleswoman. But we buy, invest and spend with people and brands we feel rapport with all the time.

You can sell without “selling”–without looking or feeling fake.

First, focus on what matters: the needs and desires of your audience.

You are in business to help your customers solve a problem or add value to their lives and their businesses. The specific program or system you use to solve their problem is not as critical as the fact that you are committed to getting them results.

If you can focus like a laser on solving the problem for them, it helps take the pressure off of you. Instead of worrying about looking a certain way, or getting your presentation right, you can focus on what really matters: learning all about your client, and developing solutions to their problems.

Second, cut out the fancy language:

It’s tempting to use “professional” speak when you’re trying to sell. But this is a mistake. Not only is it unnatural, but it also fails to resonate with your natural audience.

Your ideal niche as a coach, consultant or entrepreneur is with people who will vibe with you and appreciate your best communication style.

Focus on your strengths when you sell and present yourself, not your weaknesses.

Third, educate yourself. Your brain should be like a sponge, soaking up as much information and knowledge as possible about your field.

Why is this important? It’s not just for providing better services to your clients. It’s also critical for your own confidence and the conviction that you are a reliable authority.

If you know everything there is to know about your field, to the point that no one can ask a question that you cannot answer, “selling” will be child’s play.

People will want to do business with you without you twisting their arm or manipulating the situation. You will automatically come across as an authority. Because you will be an authority.

The great thing is that acquiring knowledge can be done easily and extremely cheaply on a daily basis: books, magazines, ebooks, podcasts, Youtube videos, video courses, blogs, and informal conversations with others in your industry can all be found for free or low cost.

There really is no excuse for you to be ignorant about anything in your field, if you are genuinely committed to it and passionate about it.

Combine (1) a strong focus on your clients and helping them solve their problem, (2) genuine communication without trying to “act” super professional, and (3) educating yourself as much as possible and becoming an expert in your field.

These three habits will make selling much easier for you, and will help clients eagerly want to buy from you.

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